Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Louis Liked It

 Last weekend was the Left Forum. I've been going to these things for years and years, since they were the Socialist Scholars Conference, and it must be said they have gotten much better in recent years. Many more younger people, many fewer undersocialized fossil Trotskyists. (Some of my best friends are...) This year, felt especially good As Doug Henwood said on Facebook, "The sessions were good, especially the discussions - but the major difference was that Occupy made it feel like it actually mattered."

I was on two panels with some UMass comrades, one on the New Deal and whether we want a new one, and one on whether finance specifically is the enemy. Louis Proyect caught most of the former on tape and, gratifyingly, says it was the best one he went to. Tho he says I work at William Patterson University, which I've never even heard of, and says I was calling for a new New Deal, which I don't think I really was. But judge for yourself: here's the video.

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  1. I'm particularly interested in "whether finance specifically is the enemy."

    I'm quite convinced they are.