About J. W. Mason

I'm a proud product of the University of Massachusetts economics department. As of fall 2013, I'll be assistant professor of economics at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

My politics comes mostly from Marx. My economics comes mostly from Keynes.

For quite a few years, I was the policy guy for the New York Working Families Party. Needless to say, the WFP is in no way complicit in whatever I emit here.

I occasionally teach macroeconomics. This might give me more credibility than the next dude with a website. Or not, up to you.

I've also worked for In These Times (the magazine; my firing therefrom for printing stuff that was "too intellectually dense and too far out of the mainstream" was the subject of an Alexander Cockburn column), the AFL-CIO, the UAW, the New York City Independent Budget Office, and, back at the beginning of it all, for Doug Henwood at the Left Business Observer.

I live in Brooklyn. Where else?

I look, arguably, a bit like this:

OK, not exactly. Self-portraits are hard!

Email me at jwmasonnyc@gmail.com.

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